Our Mission

Run for the Nations DFW is a 5K fundraiser hosted by Metro Bible Church in Trophy Club, Texas.

On Saturday, May 6th, 2017, Metro Bible Church will host its second annual “Run for the Nations DFW 5K”. Run for the Nations DFW exists as a great tool for missions mobilization. We are devoted to spreading the gospel through our local and global initiatives.

Our target area is the Latino community in DFW. The funds raised will go towards establishing an annual National Latino Conference and supporting the integration of Latinos into the local Christian community. The conference is called “Ante Su Palabra” (“Before His Word”). Specifically, our goals include:

  1. Devote 50% of the funds towards supporting the Ante Su Palabra Conference as an outreach to Latinos.

  2. Devote 50% of the funds towards supporting a Hispanic leader to assimilate Latinos into the Christian community through meaningful relationships and programs (community groups, teaching classes and translation oversight).

The Conference Vision: Ante Su Palabra has been an effective conference strengthening churches and training pastors to plant churches in throughout Argentina. We are the first church in the United States to bring this initiate Ante Su Palabra to stateside. Through hosting the conference, we plan to reach the unreached and under-resourced through equipping, mobilizing and assimilating Latino Christians.

Unreached: The unreached Latinos of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are one of the many mission fields that are “in our own backyard”. While many resources are used for overseas impact, we hope that reaching our local communities will have global influence.

Under-Resourced: Ante Su Palabra will provide the Latino church with sound, biblical resources to grow in their faith and reach their community.

Equipping: Ante Su Palabra will provide sound teaching in matters of life and godliness from the Word of God.

Mobilizing: Ante Su Palabra will create a network of churches and camaraderie amongst like-minded missional communities in the DFW area.

Assimilating: We would like to pursue a Hispanic leader to assimilate Latinos into the community through programs and meaningful relationships.

If you are looking to support the cause of Run for the Nations DFW but do not wish to participate in the race, please sign up for a donation "ticket" and input the amount you wish to donate

If you are interested in sponsoring Run for the Nations DFW, please contact us at kelley.class@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in partnering with us for this cause. 

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